Lucky Things to Wear & Do in Las Vegas Casinos

We all know that gambling combines luck and skill, but how much can you control your luck? Whether superstitions are true or not, it’s always fun to spice up your gaming experience with rituals. From bunny legs to lucky numbers and colors, we’ve covered you with everything you need to hit the jackpot at the Las Vegas casinos.

Las Vegas Casinos Lucky Rituals

Many players believe that there is a ritual to winning big jackpots at Las Vegas casinos. These rituals are usually carried out before dealing with hands, spinning the roulette wheel, or rolling the dice.

Blowing On Dice

Rolling dice is a classic ritual seen in movies for decades, said to bring casino luck to players. The most symbolic use is when a man asks a pretty woman to blow the dice before throwing them. While it’s nice to be asked for compliments, it’s not the only way to increase your wealth. Throw your own dice to see how lucky you are before rolling!

Fun Fact: Some believe this ritual dates back to the early days of gambling. Players tried to cheat by coating one side of the dice with a sticky substance that could be activated by inflating the dice.

Crossing Your Fingers

We all know the common ritual of crossing our fingers. It’s always done in everyday life to help someone with hope in their life, but it can also be used to boost casino luck a bit.

As for the story, there are two main theories of his behind the initiation of this superstitious ritual. One goes back to pre-Christian pagan beliefs in Western Europe that it symbolizes the cross. . People have invented hand gestures such as crossed fingers to identify fellow Christians.

Fun fact: Good luck. People wanted to put their index fingers on top of other people’s index fingers to show support.

Knocking on Wood

Just like crossing your fingers, knocking on a tree is a ritual outside the casino. Knocking on trees when not playing is usually done to prevent something bad from happening (especially if you’re talking about that bad event). For example, if you say you haven’t been sick in months, you’ll want to knock on a tree instead of cursing yourself.

In the world of gambling, knocking on a tree brings casino luck. Whether you’re playing slots or testing your blackjack skills, tap the wooden table for some luck before the game starts.

Fun Fact: This lucky casino ritual has its roots in the pagan belief that good spirits dwell in the roots of trees and grant them divine powers. Touching a tree (a wooden table in this case) is a way of realizing its supernatural powers and gaining protection from misfortune.

Las Vegas Casinos Lucky Charms

If you’re looking for a subtle way to get lucky at a casino, lucky charms are one of the best ways. Here`re some of the most popular ones.

Lucky Number 7

If you don’t have a lucky number yet, try 7 when playing. This number is considered globally significant and we see the results in our daily lives. Think of many things in groups of seven: the seven days of the week, the seven deadly sins, the seven continents, the seven seas, the seven wonders of the world. The list goes on, so it’s no surprise that serious gamblers are betting on casino luck with this number!

Fun Fact: In casinos, combinations of three sevens (777) give the biggest wins


Before you start laughing at the thought of bringing a horseshoe into a casino, remember that it can be any size. Consider ditching the regular-sized horseshoes for a necklace or keychain embellished with tiny horseshoes. These are great to slip into your purse or pocket and are said to bring casino luck It is said

Fun Fact: Some people believe that if you flip a horseshoe upwards, all your luck will converge into a “U” shape.

Four-Leaf Clover

The charm of this casino is much more difficult to find, but if you are lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, pick up this sucker and take it to the casino! Four-leaf clovers are extremely rare. , It is said to bring good luck not only in life but also in gambling. In fact, there is only one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers.

Fun fact: Four leaves represent hope, faith, love, and happiness.

Rabbit Foot

For a soft and comfortable casino charm, get Rabbit Foot. This is one of the most famous items that bring good luck and you can get real or fake depending on your beliefs.

The rabbit’s foot is often thought of as an American superstition. But it’s actually a well-known good luck charm in Europe, China, Africa, South America, and other parts of the world. The story of how the rabbit’s foot became auspicious varies, but it all seems to have to do with how, where, and by whom the rabbit was killed. The story can get pretty grim, so we recommend you grab the casino charm and skip the backstory!

Fun Fact: Many scriptures say that you need a rabbit’s left hind leg to be lucky.

Lucky Garments For Las Vegas Casinos 

You may be surprised to learn that not only lucky charms and rituals but also clothes are used as lucky charms. Here are some clothing options to keep in mind before heading to the Strip.

The Color Red

If you’ve never thought red was the best color for you, think again. Anything red is considered lucky in the casino, so you might want to browse the closet or go shopping. The good thing about this myth is that it is not rigid. You can be the brightest person in the room with a head-to-toe ensemble, or you can keep it understated with your shoes. Showing confidence and vibrancy in an elegant red dress is perhaps the happiest way!

Fun Fact: In Chinese culture, red clothes are a godsend, as the color red represents good luck and happiness.

Lucky Clothing & Accessories

This superstition is a little more specific and obvious. Some people choose to wear clothes and accessories that they have won previously. must be worn.

Fun Fact: This goes for all clothing, so don’t forget to wear these Lucky socks on your next visit to the casino.

Now that you’ve brushed up on all the lucky items to wear in the casino and the casino good luck charms. You’re next in line to hit the Wild Jackpot in Las Vegas Casinos.

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